officially launced

sex and intimacy guide (coach) officially launched. last day of almost 2 years of specific focus and praxis within the world of sex and intimacy guidance (coaching). it's been an intense, loving, frustrating, transformative, hot, cold, freaky and everything in…

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happy mother's day everyday May 2021

you breathe and you push through. 

you give with your love. 


in the event a note was missed 

I'll rekindle the ensemble 

to orchestrate and opus of focus. 

how many planets orbit your nectar? 

too many, not enough 


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learning to burn April 2021

i’m learning how to hold or touch you without burning or burning out. 

marches, rallies, meetings was not enough. 

sex, dates, phone calls was not enough. 

we require more, so we do more to find completion. 

how can i find…

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